Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Okay, so today I found out some news. My sister's friend is pregnant. Now, normally I would be happy, but honestly, I'm not. And I'm not a bad person for not being happy, it's just she's not ready to be having a baby right now. Mostly because she's only 19. I have no idea what it is, but lately everyone under the age of 20 has been having babies. I think about fifty of them in the past year have all had babies, and they're still in the age range where their age still has the word "teen" in it. Now, if I'm not mistaken, I think that's horrible. Not to mention that my sister's friend isn't only 19, but she isn't even in a relationship with the father. No, I know that's not important but when you're that young, I think maybe it is. I know how fast people come and go in her life, is he going to be another one? It just angers me because she's the only one working and she isn't even making that much money. I mean, she has to always beg my mum for food. How is she supposed to pay for a baby? She can get a crib and all that stuff from her sisters, but diapers and food and all the other stuff he needs to buy herself, well that's expensive and she can't do that if she can barely feed herself. I even heard her tell my mum that she wasn't ready to have a baby, she was too young. Good, at least she understands that. Hopefully she will do the right thing here and give it for adoption. Maybe have a baby when she's older and has the money to actually take care of it.

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