Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Post From New Laptop.

I got a new laptop a week ago, I think. Thank God. I desperately needed one because my other one didn't work anymore for some reason, but it sucks because I have all my stories and songs on that computer and I have to somehow transfer them over to this computer without wifi. Oh, well. I still am thankful. Also, I made a new friend. He's nice and quite a bit like me actually. It's scary. I don't actually know him in real life but I met him online and I think they count as friends too so shut up if you don't. We constantly talk and surprisingly he hasn't gotten bored of me yet.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I emailed the film school I want to attend, but they haven't replied yet. They were supposed to reply after three days but it's been more like three weeks. So tonight, I emailed them again, hoping this time they'll reply. I really want to attend, it's been my dream since about the 7th grade to get into acting. I love it more than a lot of things. Also, I got my friend hook onto a new TV show. We try to watch it once a week, although this week we've watched it twice. I'm just glad I finally have someone to talk to about this show. Also, I worked the elections the other day. It was a long, boring 12 hours with a lot of checking IDs and crossing off people's names and peeing. Luckily, I had a smart partner and our supervisor said we were the best table. I didn't mind helping out and we get almost $300 for doing it.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My feelings..please, just ignore.

Some days, most lately, I feel like I've been getting everyone mad. I feel like they're fed up with me and are even starting to hate me. Especially my mum. I cause so much trouble for her and she is so frustrated with me and I just feel like she really hates me. Maybe because I'm not how she imagined I'd be or something like that. Either way, it makes me feel like crap. Anyways, today was half good, besides the feeling bad part. My friend and I went to a movie today (Iron Man 3) and it was amazing. We both enjoyed it and had a great time.