Thursday, May 23, 2013


I emailed the film school I want to attend, but they haven't replied yet. They were supposed to reply after three days but it's been more like three weeks. So tonight, I emailed them again, hoping this time they'll reply. I really want to attend, it's been my dream since about the 7th grade to get into acting. I love it more than a lot of things. Also, I got my friend hook onto a new TV show. We try to watch it once a week, although this week we've watched it twice. I'm just glad I finally have someone to talk to about this show. Also, I worked the elections the other day. It was a long, boring 12 hours with a lot of checking IDs and crossing off people's names and peeing. Luckily, I had a smart partner and our supervisor said we were the best table. I didn't mind helping out and we get almost $300 for doing it.

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