Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday me!

Well, it was my birthday today...or yesterday seeing as it's 12:24AM. It was a good day overall. I got a new tragus piercing jewellery, which I can't get the original one out so I was going to maybe go tomorrow to get it out professionally, I got a new DVD...Diary of a Wimpy Kid...yes, those are brilliant movies. (Hello, Devon Bostick) And well, that's it. But my mum and I went looking around the mall today so that was fun. She even bought me a cake! Then, a few days ago, my cousin came over with my aunt and they got me a cool tote bag with a TARDIS on it (You know, from Doctor Who) that had 2 buttons on them. I loved it! Anyways, I enjoyed it.

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