Thursday, February 7, 2013

Religion & Gays

I know this is a touchy subject for some and if you're easily offended about this cover your eyes or leave cause I'm talking about it. I was on Instagram yesterday and someone posted a picture about something religious and a lot of people were debating about it. Most of it was people saying stuff about gays. Now, i have no problem with gay people. They're people. As long as the person is nice to me I will be nice to them. That's how it goes and that's always how it'll be. But a lot of these people were commenting saying how God hates homosexuals. I believe in God, I do, but I'm not crazy religious. I don't follow the bible, I don't go to church and I sin, just like every other person. But what really bugged me was people commenting saying that they don't hate homosexuals but they don't agree with them. To me that is the exact same thing. Not agreeing with them is pretty much not liking them. Another thing that bugged me was people saying that it's the person's choice to be gay. No, it's not. It's no one choice to be gay. It's how they are, it's how they feel. Let me ask you this. Say you're a girl and you're crushing on a boy really hard but you know he isn't interested. Are those feelings for him going to go away? No. Can you make those feelings go away? No. Is you're heart still going to beat faster when you see him? Yes. It's your feelings. It's what's inside. No one chooses to be gay. Than, the people say that if you pray to God that he will help you stop being gay. I don't believe that is true. Not one fucking bit. No one can stop you from being gay. No one can help you stop having those feelings. I just hate that people are arguing over stuff like this. Let people say their own opinions. Don't judge them. If someone says they don't believe in God, don't try to change their minds. Let people share their opinion without being judged.

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