Saturday, February 16, 2013


I don't understand why people get so upset over certain types of music. I mean, of course there is going to be music out there you don't like so why not just ignore it instead of having to bash on it, ruining it for the people who do enjoy it? Everyone has different tastes in music and everyone should get to enjoy it. No matter who you listen to. My music taste is all over the place, to be honest. From Marianas Trench to Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift to AC/DC to Scouting For Girls. All of it is different and I enjoy it. But I know some others out there won't and I'm perfectly okay with that. It just kind of gets me mad when I'm online, listening to a song, and I scroll down the comments and I see people arguing because someone said this singer has no talent. And then of course, people have to defend the artist, which I have no problem over. I guess everyone is allowed to express their own opinions but they really need to think of others as well.

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