Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Bus

I was gonna post this yesterday but I was super tired. So I'm gonna write about it now. The bus. I don't mind taking the bus, sometimes there is a good looking guy there. Sometimes you see a friend on it. But sometimes I get really frustrated. It's just some people are rude. They sit on the isle seat so no one can sit beside them. I find that is the rudest thing. I get if you have bags and use the other seat to put your bags on but if not then sit by the window and let others sit beside you. Be nice. Also, when you stop in the middle of the isle and slightly move a bit so people can barely pass you, that is rude. Anyways, yesterday that all happened. But there was one good thing that happened. This punk looking girl with her head half shaved asked an old man if he wanted her seat. I thought it was a great example for everyone and a great ay to throw away stereotypes. Besides the bus thing, I had a good time. I took my mum out to dinner and a movie for her birthday (which is on the fourth) and she enjoyed it. Plus it wasn't too expensive for me which is a bonus, right? Haha.

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