Friday, April 19, 2013

Dinner & Drunk Driving

Today my mum and I went out to dinner. It was quite a surprise, actually, because she doesn't usually just ask if I want to go out to dinner randomly. But it was nice, nonetheless. And what surprised me most was when she asked if I wanted to go to a specific restaurant that I like more then she does. And since we never go there, it was even more wonderful. I even took some home for my sister. Then, we went to my aunts house and waited there for a bit until my uncle showed up. I stayed there, reading, which was nice to do. And while he was driving us home he started telling us stories about how he's a great drunk driver. Then he started talking about Pickle Pete. Now, I don't know why we called him that but we did so just go with it, alright. well, we talked about how Pickle Pete was a very horrible drunk driver and he told me stories about what happened to him while he was driving drunk. I have to say, they were pretty funny. I should mention, pickle Pete is dead now. Not from drunk driving, if that's what you're thinking. Then after that they talked about how my dad was a horrible drunk driver as well, and he wrecked two of my uncles cars. Honestly, it was all just fun. Spending time with the family. I always love that.

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