Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Beginning.

Alright, this is how it's going to go. I'm going to write, and if you'd like to, you will read it. I'm nothing special, just an ordinary (well somewhat ordinary) girl. But I'll take you deep inside my world. But before we do, I have to tell you that I'm scared. I'm scared because I am willing to share everything. I've never done that before, share everything. At least not like this. It's new to me, so bare with me and I'll do the same. Hopefully this will help me grow, maybe even help me understand who I am, because right now, I have no idea. So be patient. I'll try my best to open up, to be honest with you, and me, and let you know what's going on inside my mind. It might be a thought, something I'm incredibly passionate about, a poem, an opinion I have or a small blab about my day. I can't promise you it will be interesting or inspiring or even nice, but I can promise you it will be real. Now, I might not do this everyday. I apologize (or maybe not, seeing as you probably don't care or think I am horrible and wish I'd never write) but I will make sure I update as much as I possibly can. Now this part, this is just an introduction, just so you all can really get to know me, and know what's going to happen. My name for this blog is Amelia. I am 20 years old, almost 21 in March. I was born and raised in Canada but I have dreams, which I might share with you later, if I actually remember to. As far as family goes, it's pretty typical. Mum, dad, younger sister and two dogs. Well, there is the bunny, but that's my sister's and I don't really like her (The Bunny, to be honest.) Mum and dad aren't married, and I don't think they ever want to be. Don't worry, they still love each other lots, but they don't need to be married to prove it. besides, I think it'd be strange seeing them getting married. Mum in a white dress, she never wears dresses, and dad in a tux, I've never seen him wear one before. They just aren't the married type. And I'm perfectly okay with that. In fact, I prefer it. Makes it different than all the other parents out there. Well, seeing as it's late I think that's quite enough for now, right? Maybe I'll write again tomorrow. Maybe not. I don't know, yet. But I will be back, and I hope you will be as well.

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